Deluxe & Classic Tack Carts

Deluxe Tack Cart
Deluxe Tack Cart
, built of furniture-grade hardwood, features a bridle hook and includes a large wooden Total Caddy. The Tack Cart has large pneumatic tires on one end, and smaller steering wheels on other. Deluxe comes in choice of four finishes: Natural, Ebony, Cherry, or Walnut with your choice of Brass or Silver hardware. Measures 23”x 24”x 37”


Classic Tack Cart

Classic Tack Cart is your storage and transporting solution for all of your tack. At shows or in the barn tote all of your tack in one trip in style. Classic Tack Cart is same size and high-quality as Deluxe Tack Cart, without the Total Caddy and Bridle Hook.


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