Adirondack Chairs

Our original Double Adirondack Chair has been modified many times over the years to create one of the most comfortable, durable and attractive chairs on the market. Our chairs come in three heights

Our smallest measures 18” to the seat. This chair is best suited for on a patio or anywhere which has a concrete or paver floor.

The medium measures 24” to the seat. This chair has a foot stand and is great for the lawn or in your riding arenas. We put the foot stand on to keep the Florida creepy crawlers off your toes.

The large measures 29” to the seat. This chair evolved from our customers who have docks on the water. The pesky hand rail was at eye level with the medium chair so we raised it up a bit so that the Florida sunsets would not be obscured.

All chairs are constructed from yellow pine and are primed and painted every color imaginable. We use pressure treated lumber on all parts that are in contact with the ground. Very little maintenance is necessary only a fresh coat of paint now and then will give your years of lasting beauty.

Contact Mark directly at (727) 254-3526, or click HERE, to place an order for your adirondak chair. Multiple color and delivery options are available.

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